We offer programmatic drone and technology consulting & training and also offer drone-based remote sensing solutions directly and through partnerships. We have over 500 trained and certified pilots available in North America for flight operations. Our cloud-based data processing seamlessly feeds into customer delivery portals for rapid outcomes and visualizations.


Work sites require actionable, low-cost and easy to use management solutions for earthwork, lay down yard inventory and overall site progress monitoring. Image (or laser) technologies are employed in highly accurate, high-cadence construction site progress monitoring solutions delivered through the cloud.


Inspections of assets and infrastructure are routine in large scale facilities of all types. Save time, spend less money, and reduce your risk through drone-based inspections. In addition to situational awareness, you'll gain an historical record of conditions stored securely in the cloud. From exterior to interior applications, Airovant brings Maintenance, Repair and Operations intelligence to your facility.


Focusing on renewable power generation and utility transmission and distribution, our rapidly acquired and delivered data solutions provide hyper-localized asset visualization for inspection and modeling for all stakeholders involved in power generation and delivery. End-to-end solutions enable prescriptive and predictive actions to be taken for asset management, planning, and design/build.


Operational Drone Solutions
Welcome to your automated future
Automated drone solutions are transforming industries that employ survey, asset inspection, performance monitoring, emergency response, change detection and much, much more. First and foremost, these technologies promise to make life better, safer and cleaner. Business value(s) abound… Measured in ROI, safety and efficiency. Our simple platform assembles and extends automation for data creation using algorithms to capture answers. Our goal is to package end to end turnkey solutions, simple to use, yet based on best in breed technologies and analytics (AI). In cloud hosted environments your data is available everywhere at any time. User experience is enhanced with intuitive visualizations of outcomes in augmented and virtualized realities. That's not our future... it's our today. So, let's get started.


Jonathan Montague
Jonathan Montague
Drone Solutions

Jonathan is a subject matter expert in small unmanned aerial systems, engineering, applications and product development. In his past life, he led the commercial UAS industry for film and television, which helped to kick off the burgeoning commercial drone Industry we know today.

Logan McConnell
Logan McConnell
Data Solutions

Logan brings a depth of knowledge in Utility and Industrial data applications. Along the way, his focus expanded to business development and marketing, and technical strategies for product development. He is diligently working to advance the art of the possible in remote sensing.

Ori Paamoni
Ori Paamoni

Ori has over 2,000 of Part 107 unmanned aircraft flight hours! Not bad for a data scientist. He's proficient in multiple coding languages, which he employs for information management systems. He's happiest when developing data collection systems, automation and applications.

Matthew Boyd
Matthew Boyd
Solution Architecture

Matt's primary interest is data visualization. Extending insights through virtualized models makes it fun, and KPI dashboards keep things real. Both need data. He oversees Airovant’s platform design and product development.